سجن رومية

Roumieh: Inside the jail, the visitors. Documentary - 2019

Roumieh prison, built in late 1960s,  is the largest and most notorious prison in Metn district, Lebanon. It was designed to host 1,050 prisoners, though as of 2017 is extremely overcrowded and at about 300% capacity; this represents nearly half the prisoners in Lebanon It holds juveniles, women and men, all in separate sections.

Roumieh prison still lacks the minimum requirements to meet United Nations standards. On April 7, 2011, a mutiny erupted in a wing of the prison and prisoners armed with makeshift knives held five prison guards as hostages. Security officials stated that the initial protest was fueled by both the unfair imprisonment of a detainee found innocent by the Lebanese justice as well as the poor conditions of detention. The mutiny was contained after security forces reached a compromise with the detainees.

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