Laura Menassa is a photographer, art director and visual artist based in Beirut.

She is also a member of Collectif ١٢٠٠

Born into an Italian-Lebanese family, Laura found herself in a multicultural environment, raising questions about identity, body image, the notion of territory and time.

She uses her camera as a tool to dissect the world around her personal life, to understand our place within the society, to understand and apprehend people, and to explore the different facettes of life.



Her work tackles different subjects such as intimacy, the experience of time and one's place in society while unraveling internal and inherent human aspects such as fantasies, doubts or anxiety. 

Photography allows her to immortalise an appearance or a given moment she recreates while maintaining a reality where mystery and strangeness take place, mostly in familiar places. Through these intimate photographs, she raises question of routines, belonging and visibility.



-> Interview with Graine de Photographe

-> October 1 - 2 2022: 2nd edition of Beirut Photo Fair, Beirut Center of Photography, Zouk el Tayeb, Beirut, Lebanon

-> August 12 - August 31 2022 : Stillness in the fall, Hammana Artist House, Lebanon

-> June 8 - September 2022: Festival Les Femmes s'Exposent, Houlgate

-> May 31 - September  2022 : 2nd edition of NUR, PHotoEspana, Casa Arabe

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