In a coastal town in Southern Lebanon, the Zayyad family seemed to have it all: A hotel by the sea, a lasting marriage, and strong family ties. But this seemingly perfect portrait takes a hit when the father dies under mysterious circumstances. Alia, the bereaved wife, is intent on lying about her husband’s cause of death in order to maintain appearances, despite the vehement objections of her adult children, Rami and Noura. One hour before the mourners’ arrival, and still struggling to agree on a course of action, Alia, Noura and Rami are forced to reevaluate the long dysfunctional family dynamic that brought them here in the first place.


Alia: Hala Basma Safieddine
Rami: Zayn Alexander
Noura: Pascale Seigneurie


Director: Zayn Alexander
Screenplay: Pascale Seigneurie
Producers: Aron Meinhardt, Pascale Seigneurie
Assistant director: Dahlia Nemlich
Wardrobe: Marita Akl
Art Direction: Marita Akl and Laura Menassa
Sound Design: Haitham Atme
Colorist: Belal Hibri (Lucid Post)
Editor: Stephanie Nassar
Script Supervisor: Valentin Domont 
Digital Imaging Technician (DIT): Valentin Domont 
Photography BTS: Laura Menassa
Online Editor: Salah Anwar
Composer: Simon Taufique
Trailer Music: Alain Donio

*Winner: Laguna Sud Award for Best Short Film - 5th edition of "Laguna Sud, Il Cinema fuori dal Palazzo" (Laguna Sud, The Cinema Outside the Palace).

*Winner: Silver Hypatia Award for Best Narrative Short Film - 6th Alexandria Short Film Festival.

*Winner: Ahmed Khedr Award for Excellence in Arab Filmmaking - ÉCU, The European Independent Film Festival.

*Nominated: TANIT D’OR 2019 - Carthage Film Festival.

*Special presentation: 2019 VENICE DAYS - 16th Giornate degli Autori during the 76th Venice Film Festival.

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Lade NGO x Wanderlust Production


Directors: Helio Najem and Anthony Jourdanian
DOP: Rami Lattouf
Producers: Renée Atallah
Assistant director: Carlie Hanna
Wardrobe: Omar Sfeir
Art Direction: Laura Menassa
Sound Design: Haitham Atme
Production Manager: Rami Bou Issa
Casting director: Pierre Haddad
Assistant casting director: Malak
Production helpers: Kassem, Marc 
Focus Puller: Maria Nasrallah
Lighting crew: Media Square
Camera crew: Hatem Chaina
Gaffer: Tony

Hair stylist: Karen Khoury
Make up artist: Claudine Choueiry

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