“I struggle when it comes to expressing myself gender wise. I don’t want my breast to be revealed. I want to decide how to do my hair.”

“I feel very comfortable with my masculine side but at the same time I cannot be with my feminine one. From my young age, I struggled to be what people would define as being a woman. I struggled to have any sort of identity because it was like people would always say I’m not man enough but I am also not woman enough.”

it takes time to be fully ourselves in this world.

“I will reach a point in my life where I will look at myself in the mirror and recognize what i see. I will live freely.”

I asked Xafeer to look at himself when he was 13 and to deliver a message to his inner child: Be patient. Take your tine. You are going into hards stuffs but you are not alone. Take it easy, don’t be so hard on yourself.

When I asked Xafeer where he sees his older self, he said, “My older self won't be in this country. He will be surrounded by kind and understanding people, serving as a safety net always there for me, and having an even better relationship with my parents.”

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