In Between


In Between reveals the parallel in which Lebanon finds itself. On the one hand there is the “postcard” so much dreamed about ; on the other hand - or behind the scene - there is the reality. A reality Lebanese peoples are confronted with day after day, a reality we tend to hide or forget but which surrounds us.

After suffering from so many years of horrific violence,  Lebanon remains in a difficult context. My generation and the ongoing one are rocked to the rhythm of war' stories and conflicts. Since I've been here, I've seen fires, I've seen a revolution, I've seen border disputes, I've seen an explosion, I've seen a pandemic, I've seen an economy crash. collapse, I saw people losing everything little by little. In 2022, there is still no drinking water, no electricity, no more fuel, not enough food and low morale.

This series includes images taken in Lebanon since several years : the ruins of post-war 2006, the Revolution of October 2019, the blast of August 2020, the refugees’ camps, streets or some touristic places.

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