Rêveries et Fantasmes


'Rêveries et Fantasmes' traces a quest of identity, the memory kept in mind, perpetual dream, with images composed of portraits, landscapes and still-life superimposed - the superposition raising the question of the perception of reality and temporality, adding to it a sense of confusion and uncertainty. These photographs were taken at different moments of her life, familiar places such as the house where she grew-up, friends or family flat in Beirut, places she used to go and others she discovered during travels.

She recreated with her own vision, a world of unconsciousness. Feelings or desires that we seek to hide or forget, but which are an imminent part of us: dreams, fantasies, anxieties. The viewers are plunged in an imaginary world; into another dimension between fiction and reality. It is about confounding real and unreal space. These emotions are produced by the mystery of the mechanisms of the unconscious, which photography allows to materialise, in order to move the viewer towards his own introspection.

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