Alfred Ritchy, Dubai based perfume company.

Branding: logo, advertising, mood board, bottles and boxes packaging

Graphic designer @ Bridge of Minds

Marc Joseph, Paris perfume based company.

Portfolio presenting the brand and its products

Graphic designer @ Bridge of Minds

Maskoff, marketing and media agency.


Graphic designer @ Maskoff

Crewance, a web-series written and directed by Thomas Cazeaux and Gianni Merlino.



Gesture from the Heart, Beirut based NGO, giving a helping hand to the unprivileged people by implementing programs to reduce hunger and poverty. 

Branding: logo

Graphic designer @ Bridge of Minds

Epicuria by Chay, Marsa and Tunis based company providing home made cupcakes for events and individuals. 

Branding: logo, businesscard and visuals

Happy Lebanese Pets, Beirut based company providing a complete package of products and servies for every pet owner.

Branding: logo, businesscard

Print Social, this t-shirt was designed to raise funds for BeitelBaraka, to support their work on the ground after the blast in the port of Beirut in August 2020.

Photography, collage, design


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