مار الياس‎ ,صبرا وشاتيلا 

On the way of Sabra w Chatila: Inside the refugees camps. Documentary - 2018

Shatila camp was established in 1949 and was devastated during the 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon and was frequently targeted during the Lebanese civil war. Shatila camp and the adjacent neighborhood of Sabra in Beirut were the scene of a massacre on 16 -18 September 1982 that claimed the lives of a large number of Palestinian and Lebanese civilians. 

​Mar Elias camp was founded in 1952 by the Congregation of St. Elias to host Palestine refugees who arrived from the Galilee region in Palestine. The Palestinian population currently living in Mar Elias camp is comprised of people who have had different migratory experiences, whether internal displacement because of war or other forms of internal migration (e.g. economic opportunity, the rental market, geographical location, etc.). The ongoing Syria crisis has also led an influx of Syrian refugees in the camp.

It’s good to leave each day behind, 

Like flowing water, free of sadness. 

Yesterday is gone and its tale told. 

Today new seeds are growing.

Djalâl-od-Dîn Rûmi (1207-1273)

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